"Lissette ze Zatopene Chajdy"

callname : Lotje
d.o.b.: march 31th 2008
saddly missed since february 17th 2011



Lot, the main prize of the lottery, that was you.
Sweet, cuddly, but most of all funny, that was you.
Also dominant and, on a funny way, a rascal, the whole world was yours, that was you.
Daddy's sweetheart, and you knew that, you have made gratefull the abuse of it.
You slept every night in his arms, and after a while you moved to mummy's pillow.
Not a showdog, not a vain creature, but how proud we where last sunday, when you showed so super, the whole ring was yours.
But........ you was always best of breed for us.
Huge was the shock when we found you wednesday evening, in shock and severely wounded.
The vet thought you could survive this.
But you had different thoughts.
The night of thursday february 17th is etched in our memory.
You took a piece of us with you.
You where our little rascal, but most of all, our little cute and funny sweetheart.
Rest in peace sweetheart, we will always miss you, but you're in our heart forever.

Peter & Ingrid


The last pics we have from Lotje, made on sunday, february 13th 2011.
Thanks Leon & Katinka for sending us these pics.
october 10th 2010
october 10th 2010 october 10th 2010
august 26th 2009 I believe I can fly ........    august 26th 2009
june 14th 2009
june 1st 2009 june 1st 2009
may 13th 2009
may 13th 2009
february 17th 2009

Lotje & friends

february 19th 2009 december 10th 2008
bleehhh ...... I'm coming ........
december 3rd 2008

december 3rd 2008

december 3rd 2008

  december 3rd 2008
december 3rd 2008 Lotje 5 months old
Lotje 4 months old
Lotje 3 months old Lotje 4 months old
newborn 4 weeks old 6 weeks old