Peter with our own bred Champion "Dragon Dancing of Roxy's Pride" introduction
Hi, we are Peter & Ingrid Stolzenbach.
Peter is a Bulldoglover since 1990,  he bred and showed them with great succes.
Due to circumstances he stopped breeding Bulldogs
Ingrid's heart was stolen by Miniature Schnauzers, especially the whites, which she has bred and showed very succesfully for many years. 
Due to the strange change of regulations of the Dutch Schnauzerclub & the Dutch Kennelclub, she was no longer able to maintain breeding high standard quality and healthy white Miniature Schnauzers.
Therefore she was forced to stop breeding this gorgeous breed.
In 2001 she bought her first Chinese Crested, from that time on, the virus is in the house.
Now we love the Chinese Cresteds so much, that we're the proud owners of a pack of beautiful, healthy, lovely and funny Clowns.
We both love to show our dogs all over Europe and that's what we do with great succes
Our main goal is to breed healthy, showquality puppy's, improve the breed and help others .
All our Chinese Crested -just like our puppies- live inside our house, they never live in kennels.
They prefer laying on the couch and sleeping in our bed :-)
Since 2003 , we combined our love for the dogs and the love for eachother.......
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All our breed dogs are tested for hereditary eye-deformity's (ECVO/CERF, PLL, prcd-PRA) and PL.
In case you've got curious, you can always send us an e-mail for more information about our "studs"


Peter with his own bred Bulldog  Ch."My Most Adorable Prince Charming" Ingrid with her own bred white Miniature Schnauzer  Ch."Romance and Beauty of Roxy's Pride"